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R. Todd Weaver, D.M.D., F.A.G.D.
John L. Reckner, D.M.D., F.A.G.D.
Tracy L. Reinhart, D.M.D., F.A.G.D.
George J. Reinhart, D.M.D.
David Guengerich, D.M.D.
Christopher M. Zeledon, D.M.D.

Meet Our Dentists

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Shannon Baccari

Shannon B., R.D.H., joined WRR in 2003 as a dental assistant with 7 years of experience. In 2007 Shannon completed her dental hygiene degree at Northampton Community College. She and her husband Kristopher are looking forward to starting a family and already have an American bulldog, Rex. In her spare time, Shannon enjoys exercising, reading, and shopping. She also loves to spend time with her family and friends. At WRR, Shannon loves working with "a great group of coworkers! Everyone's helpful hands make working here stress-free!"

Deana Hagen

Deana B., E.F.D.A., R.D.H. joined the staff of WRR in 2010. She is a graduate of Harcum College and has a daughter, Gabrielle, who is 21. Deana’s hobbies include motorcycle riding, cooking and reading. She loves meeting new people and making people smile. Deana enjoys working at WRR because “of the team feeling” and “that the staff are such great confidence builders to each other.”

Jill B

Jill B., R.D.H. graduated from Montgomery County Community College in 2004. She has a husband, two children, and four rescue dogs, and especially loves cooking for a crowd. In addition, she enjoys visiting art museums and reading books with happy endings. Her favorite thing about being part of our team: “I feel confident coming to work each day knowing that our patients will receive the best care and attention they need! The entire staff works as a team!”


Jenn C., R.D.H., came to WRR in September 1997 after graduating from Montgomery County Community College. She and her husband Paul have two children, Sara and Shane. Jenn's family also has a dog, a Whippet Rescue named Cleo, and 2 cats, Porsha and Cheeks. Going to the Philadelphia Wings games are among Jenn's favorite things to do with her family, in addition to fishing (saltwater and freshwater) and watching her kids play sports. In the future, she would love to do more traveling. Jenn says there are too many things to list that she enjoys about WRR. "It's just an overall great place to work!"

Martine C., R.D.H. joined our team as a hygienist in September 2014. She first started helping us five years ago on a temporary basis. She enjoys spending time with her family; husband, John, and children Kayla (16), Devon (8) and baby Jack (4 mos.). She especially loves Autumn and watching her kids’ soccer games and the Philadelphia Eagles. Reading is one of her favorite pastimes, although finding the time these days is challenging, and Martine says, “Everyone at WRR is so friendly and genuine, staff and patients!”


Lindsay F., R.D.H., has been working for WRR since 2004. Lindsay began as a dental assistant and became a dental hygienist after she received her degree in 2006 from Montgomery County Community College. Lindsay and her husband Paul enjoy being new parents to their daughter Brynn. Lindsay enjoys spending time with close friends and family, and, of course, being a mommy and all the duties that come with it. Lindsay's favorite vacation spot is at the beach. “I love the atmosphere at Weaver, Reckner & Reinhart Dental Associates,” Lindsay says. “Everyone is so caring and friendly, which makes coming to work here enjoyable.”

Evey K., R.D.H., has over 30 years of experience as a dental hygienist since graduating from Montgomery County Community College. She worked at the Main Street Office for Dr. Jack Brent and joined the WRR team in November 2010. Evey has been married to her husband Jay for 31 years and has 2 children, Jessica and John, and 2 grand puppies. She enjoys gardening, and riding on the back of her husband’s motorcycle. She has enjoyed meeting all of her new co-workers and we welcome Evey to our dental family.

Lisa M., R.D.H., graduated from Montgomery County Community College’s Dental Hygiene Program in 2004. She has two cats named Pua and Coconut. In her spare time she loves to travel, recently learned how to sail, and taught herself how to crochet. What Lisa really loves how our practice is that we are family-oriented and involved in the community.

Tanya M., R.D.H., Dental Hygienist, has 14 years of experience and joined WRR in November after working for Dr. Brent in the Main Street Office. She and her husband George have a daughter, Colette, and son, Joe, and a grandson, Ryan. Tanya enjoys taking care of her horses, dogs and cat, and renovating her vacation home in Virginia. We welcome Tanya to the WRR team.

Deanna M., R.D.H. joined our practice in October 2015. She graduated from Montgomery County Community College in 1989, and has 26 years experience as a dental hygienist. Deanna is married and has two daughters. In her spare time she enjoys taking photographs to capture memories, and loves to go to the beach in the summer. At WRR, she immediately noticed how, “everyone is so friendly, kind and caring to each other, and our patients.”

Lauren M., joined WRR in January 2013. She received her associate’s degree from Northampton Community College in 2010. Before becoming a Dental Hygienist she was a Dental Assistant for 3 years. Lauren and her husband, Jeremy, have a yellow lab named Morgan, and in Lauren’s spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, remodeling her home, vacationing in Myrtle Beach, SC and Zumba. Her favorite thing about working at WRR is the fun, upbeat atmosphere of the office, and she is “excited to be part of a great team.”

Catherine M., R.D.H., has worked at WRR since October 2005. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology/Dental Hygiene from Old Dominion University in 1979. Catherine is married to Randy and they have two children, Ian and Genna. The family also has a dog, Roxy. Catherine loves to be outdoors, skiing, biking, kayaking, RV camping, hiking, walking, and more. She also enjoys reading, yoga, working out, cooking, going to her kids' jazz concerts, and spending time with her family. When not working here, Catherine can often be found teaching yoga or Pilates. "I really enjoy the great staff here, the progressive office, and the level of care taken with the whole patient."

Karen Neal, R.D.H.

Karen N., R.D.H., joined WRR in 2006. She has over 21 years experience as a Dental Hygienist and received her associate's degree from Penn College of Technology in Williamsport, Pa. Karen spends her time with her husband Mike, dog Buddy, and grown stepdaughter Danielle who also works at WRR. Karen enjoys fishing, cross-stitching, and traveling in her spare time. Her father had served as a career navy officer when she was growing up, so Karen has lived all over the U.S. She even went to high school in Iceland! Her favorite thing about working at WRR is "the smiling faces of the patients and staff."

Angie N., R.D.H. joined WRR in 2006 as our sterilization coordinator. She graduated from Montgomery County Community College with her associate's degree in dental hygiene in May 2007. Angie has been married to her wonderful husband Jordan for 3 years and in January 2011 welcomed their son Harrison. She enjoys baking, cooking, and socializing with friends and family. About working at WRR, Angie says, "I love how helpful and friendly the staff is. Everyone is so passionate about what they do, which makes it such an enjoyable work environment."

Joyce P., R.D.H., joined WRR on a part-time basis in 2004. Joyce holds a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition and is a Registered Dental Hygienist. She lives in Quakertown with her husband of 20 years, Steve, and their 3 kids: Michael, Jordan, and Jonathan. The family also has many pets-two lizards, a snake, rabbit, frog, and two Maine Coon cats that "I love so much!" Joyce enjoys volunteering at her children's schools when she has time. Joyce says, "I hope to resume my personal hobbies when my kids get older; right now, their hobbies are my hobbies!" The flexibility and great people are what Joyce enjoys most about working here.

Brenda S., R.D.H., joined the practice in August of 2003 with an associate's degree in applied science in dental hygiene from Northampton Community College. Brenda has over 34 years of combined experience as a dental assistant and Hygienist. She is married to Marty and has two daughters, Marissa and Marina. They also have 2 dogs, a yellow lab named Candy and a Golden Retriever named Cody, and a cat named Stella. Brenda plans to use her dog as a therapy dog once trained. Brenda enjoys gardening, yoga, dogs, walking, vacations, and working on her old home. Brenda recently returned from her first dental mission trip to Ecuador, where their team treated over 800 children. Brenda thanks WRR and staff for all their support during this very inspiring trip. Her favorite thing about WRR is “the great dentists and friendly and caring staff. Glad to be part of this team.”

Rhonda S.-R., R.D.H., joined WRR as our first hygienist in 1994. She began her dental career while still in high school, working as a dental assistant. Rhonda received her Associate of Science degree from Montgomery County Community College in 1986. She also earned the Pennsylvania Dental Hygiene Award for dental health education upon graduation. She and her husband Ron have 2 daughters, Mattea and Melea, both adopted from China. Her hobbies include swimming, walking, reading, crocheting, photography, watching movies, being with her family, yoga, and vacationing! Rhonda says, "Weaver, Reckner & Reinhart truly feels like a family to me. I treasure my relationships with coworkers and our patients. This isn't just a job to me – it is a challenge with many rewards!"

Alissa White

Alissa W., R.D.H., joined WRR in 2002 as a business administrator. In May of 2006 she returned to Montgomery County Community College to complete her dental hygiene degree, which she added to her previous associate's degree in computer applications and office administration. Alissa enjoys spending time with her family; husband Mike, son Gage, daughter Bailor, and in March 2012 they welcomed their new baby girl, Tehgan. She also enjoys reading, cooking, trying to run, and working in her flowerbeds and garden. During the summer of 2000, Alissa volunteered at the Victory Bible Camp in Palmer, Alaska. She says, "I talk way too fast, so you'll have to ask me to slow down! My favorite things about Weaver, Reckner & Reinhart are the relaxed atmosphere and my coworkers."


Diana Whittaker

Diana W., R.D.H., joined WRR in 2002 and has more than 30 years of experience in the dental field. Diana recently earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Muhlenburg College. Her family includes husband Jim of more than 27 years, who works in financial services; son Mike, attending Penn State for engineering; and daughter Kelly, a high school student. Diana also implemented and currently manages Faith Preschool for Quakertown United Methodist Church. She enjoys working at WRR because of "the awesome environment, the relationship-oriented atmosphere and excellent patient care provided. It is professionally challenging, there is genuine leadership and community, it is family-oriented, and most of all fun!"

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