Dentist curing a woman patient in the dental office in a pleasant environment. There is specialized equipment to treat all types of dental issues in the office.

What is a Dental Crown and Why Would I Need One?

You may have heard your dentist say, “That tooth needs a crown.” But what exactly does that mean? Over time, teeth can become fractured and worn down compromising their longevity, or cavities can develop that encompass too much of the tooth’s structure for a filling to be placed. In these instances, it becomes necessary to place a crown on the tooth.

A crown is a custom, tooth-shaped “cap” that fits over the damaged tooth to restore its shape, size, and appearance. The crown is made to look and feel just like your natural tooth. At Weaver, Reckner and Reinhart Dental Associates, our dentists will discuss the best treatment options to restore the integrity of your tooth while creating your healthiest smile.

The Crown Process

Once it has been determined that a crown is the best option for you, the process is relatively simple. The first step includes shaping your natural tooth to prepare it for the crown. As one of the leading dentists in the Souderton and Harleysville areas, Weaver, Reckner and Reinhart Dental Associates uses an intraoral 3D scanner to obtain 3D images of the prepared tooth and adjacent teeth. These images will be sent electronically to one of our dental labs for fabrication of the permanent crown. An impression will also be taken during this visit so that a temporary crown can be made chairside in our office. This temporary crown will be placed over the prepared tooth to protect it until the permanent crown is delivered approximately two to three weeks later.

The temporary crown must stay in place during this time, so it is necessary to avoid any hard or sticky foods until the permanent crown is placed. If for any reason, the temporary crown becomes loose or is removed it is important to notify our office immediately so that we can make an appointment to have it re-cemented in place.

During your second visit, referred to as the ‘delivery’ visit, the temporary crown will replace the permanent crown with a highly durable cement. Continuing with regular hygiene visits and proper oral homecare will add to the longevity of the crown.

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