What to Expect When Bringing My Child to the Dentist

What age should I bring my child to the dentist? When is my child going to lose their first tooth? Why is fluoride important? These are all common questions parents face when they discover their child’s first tooth. While it’s a joyous and special time, it also creates many uncertainties about the importance of their child’s oral health and what it means to take care of their child’s teeth. 

As a leading family and children’s dentist in Montgomery County and Bucks County, we create smiles for all ages, including the smallest of smiles. We can care for your child as they grow from a baby to a young adult. Before bringing your child to the dentist for the first time, there are some important tips to help guide parents as to what to expect when visiting Weaver, Reckner & Reinhart Dental Associates. 

We recommend that children make their first visit to the dentist when the first tooth has erupted. This is a great opportunity for parents to ask questions and seek advice. Around the age of two, a child’s visit will give them the opportunity to  “get a ride in the chair and count the teeth,” and occasionally polish, if the visit is going well. 

Many people believe that primary teeth (baby teeth) are not as important as permanent teeth. However, neglected cavities on the baby teeth can frequently lead to further problems in the development of permanent teeth. Baby teeth are important for chewing and providing space for permanent teeth to get into the proper position. Most children will begin losing their front teeth around ages six or seven, while the back teeth can be in the mouth until the child reaches 13 years or older. 

When you visit one of our offices in Harleysville or Souderton, our pediatric dental specialists will recommend fluoride in-office to protect current teeth in the mouth and fluoride supplements to strengthen developing teeth currently growing in the jawbone. Sealants are another preventative measure for your child; they fill in the grooves of the permanent molars with a safe, protective shield. While sealants are not a substitute for brushing and flossing, they can keep cavities from forming and may even stop early stages of decay. 

Radiographs (x-rays) are also a key factor in helping to diagnose certain dental conditions which could be missed. X-rays detect much more than cavities. With the proper imaging, dentists can survey erupting teeth, diagnose bone diseases or plan for future orthodontic treatment. At Weaver, Reckner & Reinhart Dental Associates, there is no need for an orthodontist referral. As a child progresses from child to young adult, Weaver, Reckner & Reinhart Dental Associates is ready to treat your child in every phase of their oral health development. By maintaining a consistent cleaning and examination schedule, it paves the way for a lifetime of preventative care and a healthy mouth. 

If you would like to learn more about pediatric dentistry in Montgomery or Bucks County, or to schedule an appointment with a leading children’s dentist in Souderton or Harleysville, browse our website or call one of our offices at 215-486-1649 or 215-486-1652 for more information.